What does a Front Mount Intercooler do?

Turborevs features an explanation to how intercoolers work.

An essential device in turbocharged vehicles, intercoolers are a cooling device that serves the purpose of reducing the temperature within the engine. These devices perform a function similar to radiators, with the difference of being much more effective and efficient than their counterparts. Front mount intercoolers are a type of intercooler, commonly found in high-performance vehicles, such as the BMW F Series. 

For those who own turbocharged vehicles, understanding how these devices work is essential. In this article, Turborevs features an article on the functions of a front mount intercooler.

What is a Front Mount Intercooler?

Before delving into the functions of these intercoolers, it is pertinent to understand what exactly these devices entail. As the name suggests, front mount intercoolers are installed on the front side of vehicles, directly beneath the bonnet. Easily recognisable by their characteristic metallic body, you can easily find these intercoolers in the front of performance vehicles, doubling as a styling accessory.

However, the functionalities of front mount intercoolers do not differ from their counterparts, as the difference is solely based on the location of installation. 

What Does a Front Mount Intercooler Do?

The purpose of intercoolers is to cool down the heated air coming from the engine, compressing it down, and then sending it back into the intake manifold of the engine. Front mount intercoolers work similarly, as they cool down the air through the several tiny tubes that make up the body of the device. Since most front mount intercoolers are air-to-air intercoolers, the medium of transferring heat is simply air.

As the heated air moves through the tubes, it is exposed to the external atmosphere. This is where the heat transfer takes place, as the heat is absorbed by the external air, leaving behind cool, compressed air for the engine. This air then moves back to the engine where it is ready for the combustion processes.


Being essential devices for performance vehicles, understanding how intercoolers work is necessary for those that own these vehicles. Moreover, those that are contemplating the type of intercooler they need for their vehicle can use this information to find the right one. Front mount intercoolers are generally more favoured by most motor enthusiasts, mostly owing to their minimal maintenance and lower installation costs.

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