Here are the best Ride on toy cars in the market

Turborevs features the best ride on toy cars in the market.

Ride-on cars have emerged as some of the most popular toys in the market. Their success can be attributed to their functionality and practicality, allowing children to not only play but also enjoy the thrill of driving vehicles.

With so many different ride-on cars in the market, it can become quite difficult for you to choose the right one. To ease your predicament, Turborevs brings you a list of some of the best ride-on toy cars in the market. 

Best Ride-on Toy Cars

Narrowing down the best ride-on toy cars can be a tedious task, as the market is filled with a number of amazing products. The following ride-on cars are unique, with each offering something that others cannot. 

12v BMW I8

Being a popular vehicle model, it comes as no surprise that a ride-on car version is available for the BMW I8 The car is electric-powered, studded with a 12v battery. The car also offers other features such as headlights, horns, speakers, and side-view mirrors. Apart from its ergonomic design, the car also features a safety remote control in case the parent has to control the car.

12v Ferrari F12

A complete replica of the Ferrari F12, perfect for gifting your child your love for vehicles. This ride-on car offers a stunning life-like design, along with several features such as LED lights, speakers, horns, and even an MP3 player. Moreover, the car also comes with a parental remote control that is capable of overriding the manual controls in case the car goes out of control.

12v Audi TT RS

Another popular ride-on car model, the Audi TT RS is a crowd-favourite owing to its intricate designs and stunning features. The has an in-built speaker with LED headlights and side-view mirrors. Moreover, the model also comes with a safety remote that can control the vehicle from far away. This feature can come in handy if the car goes out of control.


With so many amazing models available on the market, it can become quite difficult to narrow down the best ones for your child. Ride-on toy cars are the perfect gift for children that have a love for thrilling adventures. Browse through our list and choose the right one for your kid.

Find the best ride-on cars at Turborevs and allow your child to experience the thrill of automotives.

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