How Catalytic Converters make Vehicles Less Harmful for the Environment

Turborevs features an analysis on how catalytic converters can make your car green.

With vehicles becoming more and more common over the decades, the world faces a new predicament – climate change. Vehicles are known for producing an immense number of gases that are extremely harmful for the environment. Earlier models for vehicles lacked any sort of feature that would combat this issue. However, a new innovative device known as a Catalytic Converter was introduced to tackle this problem.

Catalytic Converters serve as a barrier against the incessant pollution as these devices bar harmful gases from being emitted by the vehicle. Turborevs features an article explaining how catalytic converters make vehicles less harmful for the environment. 

What are Catalytic Converters?

Catalytic converters are an innovative device that act as a filter for barring harmful gases from being emitted through your car’s exhaust system. The device itself consists of a honey-comb shaped filter that is made out of a neutral material such as platinum. Harmful gases such as hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are converted into their less harmful variants when they pass through the catalyst. 

These converters come in various types, however, the function of reducing the harmful gases into their benign versions remains the same. The two main processes that takes place within the catalyst are reduction and oxidation.

How do Catalytic Converters make Vehicles Green?

Catalytic converters can make your car green.

Vehicles normally emit gases such as hydrocarbons, sulphates, and carbon monoxide. These gases can be extremely harmful for the environment, especially in larger amounts. Catalytic converters are able to convert these gases into their less harmful variants through the process of oxidation and reduction, reducing hydrocarbons and sulphates to benign waste material such as water, carbon dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen.

Without this process, the number of gases emitted by vehicles would be severely detrimental to the globe as the phenomenon of global warming would speed up by several folds. Therefore, catalytic converters are one aspect of vehicles that makes them green and slightly more environmentally friendly.

The Bottom Line

Despite being one of the largest contributors to global pollution, vehicles are an invention that is here to stay, since human beings have become completely dependent on cars. However, multiple steps can be taken to reduce the impact of the harmful effects of these gases – such as having a catalytic converter installed in your vehicle. With these devices becoming more common throughout the globe, combating climate change is slowly becoming a possibility.

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