How Much Savings Will the UK as a Whole Make if MOT is Scrapped?

Turborevs features the total saving of the UK if MOT is scrapped.

The UK’s PM has presented the idea of scrapping the annual Ministry of transport test in effort to reduce the country’s cost of living crisis. The MOT is necessary to ensure road safety for motorists, along with standardising exhaust emissions to curb environmental damage. However, this move will make the MOT test bi-annual, allowing people to save thousands in the long run.

Turborevs features a breakdown of the overall costs that the UK will save if the MOT is scrapped.

MOT Costs

Currently, the UK government has pegged the price of the MOT test at around £54.85. However, the prices can go even higher in case further repairs are required, making it a burden for motorists. If the proposal for making the MOT test bi-annually is passed, car owners would save roughly £27.43 a year. The number might seem small on its own, but in the long run, these savings can turn into a huge number.

Overall Savings If the MOT is Scrapped

The UK has an approximately of 30 million drivers, with more people getting a licence made every day. With over 70 percent of the country’s adult population paying £54.85 a year, the country will save up to £1.5 billion annually. This chunk of capital can be redirected to other essential areas, reducing the UK’s cost-of-living crisis.

If the MOT test becomes a bi-annual testing service, the UK will save almost £750 million each year. With proper planning, these savings can prove to be useful for the overall development of the country.

The Bottom Line

With the annual MOT test on the verge of being scrapped, there are various speculations as to how much the UK will save in terms of costs. With roughly £750 million being saved, the decision could potentially solve the country’s cost-of-living crisis. 

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