How to Install Side Steps on your Audi – Generic Guide

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Designed for offering more ground clearance to your car – side steps are a valuable investment that not only offers practicality in terms of accessibility but also takes your car’s aesthetics to the next level. However, most cars come without pre-fitted side steps, meaning you’ll have to do the work yourself. Attaching side steps yourself can seem like an immense task, but our step-by-step guide on installing side steps will help you every step of the way.

The installation process for mounting side steps can differ greatly depending on your car’s type and model, which is why this guide focuses on installing side steps on Audi vehicles.

Before starting, it is important to have all the necessary equipment with you beforehand. Ensure that the following tools and equipment are available.

  • Safety glasses and gloves
  • Padded mat or creeper
  • Box end wrenches
  • Ratchet and Socket Set
  • Screwdrivers
  • Cutting tool
  • Trim Tools

Step 1: Remove the bolts from the Sill Step Plastic

The first step involves unscrewing the bolts on the sill strip that runs on the sides of the vehicle. Take a screwdriver and start taking them off one by one. Put them somewhere safe so that you don’t lose them.

Some of the bolts may be tough to remove. Take a plier and remove them. However, do not apply too much force that may damage the bolts.

Be careful before taking off the last screws as the plastic could potentially fall off. Carefully remove the sill plastic and put it on the side.

Step 2: Attach the Brackets

After removing the plastic, the area will be exposed where you need to attach the brackets. Remove any factory drilled bolts from the holes and proceed to attach the brackets.

Attach the front brackets first and then move on to the rear ones. To know which bracket goes on which side, carefully inspect them for any inscriptions such as L1, R1, or R2. These signify which side the bracket is supposed to be attached to.

R1 and R2 are for the right front and right rear side respectively. L1 and L2 are for the left front and rear respectively. Side steps on Audi vehicles have two middle brackets as well.

Leave some wiggle room in the brackets and do not fully tighten the nuts. This will leave some space for movement when attaching the side steps.

picture of a car bracket installation

Step 3: Reattach the Sill Plastic

Reattach the sill plastic to the sides. Make a few incisions on the plastic with a cutter to make room for the brackets.

Some side steps kits come with new pre-cut sill plastic. In this case, attach the new plastic and throw away the old one.

picture of a sill plastic
A black plastic decorative door sills in an automobile parsing for sale or repair in a workshop on a white isolated background in a photo studio.

Step 4: Attach the Side Steps

Lastly, attach the side steps to the brackets. Begin with the front brackets and then attach the rear ones. Make sure the side steps are perfectly aligned with the brackets.

Fully tighten the bolts on the side steps, and the ones connecting the bracket to the car. Once this step is complete, you can enjoy your brand-new side steps on your Audi.

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picture of an installed side step

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