Types of Ride-on Cars

Turborevs features a blog on some of the different types of ride-on toy cars.

Ride-on cars are one of the best toys for kids, allowing them to experience the thrill of driving a car within a safe boundary. These toys have been trending for quite a while now, mostly owing to their practicality and unique experience. The most common type of ride-on car is the electric type, which runs on a battery-powered motor. 

However, there are multiple types of ride-on cars that you can explore so that you could find the right one for your child. Turborevs features some of the different types of ride-on cars that you can find on the market.

Types of Ride-on Cars

Ride-on cars not only come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but also offer a choice in terms of mechanics and usability. Following are some of the different types of ride-on toy cars that are available on the market.

Push or Pull Ride-on Cars

These ride on cars have to be pushed manually.

Push or pull ride-on toy cars are manual toy cars that can be pushed or pulled by a parent or an older sibling. If the child is old enough, they can also push the car with their own feet. These ride-on cars are perfect for children that are old enough to manually push the car. These cars tend to last longer since no battery or technical equipment is required.

Pedal Ride-on Cars

Pedal ride on cars can be manually driven by the child.

Pedal ride-on cars are similar to a bicycle or a tricycle, with the difference of being shaped like a vehicle. These cars usually have pedals attached to the sides or the front wheel, and the child can manually pedal the car. These ride-on toys are ideal for children of a young age as they promote motor functioning among them.

Electric Ride-on Cars

Electric ride on cars are driven using an electric motor.

Electric ride-on cars are the perfect choice for kids that want the experience the thrill of driving at high speeds, within the safety of their home. These ride-on cars come with a battery-powered motor that is capable of delivering high speeds. Your child can either control the car themselves, or a parent can drive it with remote control. A limit can be set on the car’s speed to ensure safety as well.


Ride-on cars are the perfect toys for kids that have an interest in vehicles. With so many options available in the market, you are sure to find the perfect one for your child. Find the best ride-on toy cars at Turborevs and allow your child to experience the thrill of automotives.

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