Your Kid’s Safety and Ride-on Cars

Turborevs features an article explaining how ride-on cars can be safe for children.

Ride-on cars are one of the most popular toys for children, mostly owing to their practicality. These toys are miniature replicas of real-life cars, allowing children to ride on the toy. You can find a wide variety of ride-on cars, each suitable for a range of children.

Since these cars are electrically-powered and are controlled by the children themselves, it gives way to a few safety concerns for parents. Turborevs features a few ways you can ensure your child’s safety on ride-on cars.

Safety on Ride-on Cars

Ride-on cars offer several safety features that you can employ to ensure your child’s safety. Following are some of these safety aspects.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are the epitome of safety in regular vehicles; therefore, it comes with no surprise that the very same safety feature is present on ride-on toy cars. Carefully lock the seat belt before your child starts driving. This will allow the car to absorb any shocks, jumps, and bumps, without affecting your child. 

Spring Suspensions

Just like regular cars, you can find a wide variety of suspension systems that can lower the impact of bumps on your child. Springs, linkages, and shock absorbers can be installed on your child’s ride-on car to make it shock-proof. 

Parent Remote Control

A sure-fire way to ensure your child remains safe is to control the vehicle yourself with an overriding remote control. Most electric toy cars come with a remote control that is meant to be used by the parents. This controller is able to override the manual functionalities of the car. The car can be stopped or slowed down from a distance, ensuring your child remains unharmed in case the car goes out of control.


Apart from making the ride-on car safe, the area where the toy is being driven should also be taken into consideration. Avoid risky places such as hillsides, pools, or any area with a lot of obstructions. A smooth and plain area is the optimum place for ride-on cars to be driven, minimising bumps and accidents.


Ride-on toy cars are one of the best toys on the market for children of all ages. They can provide practicality and allow children to enjoy the thrill of driving a car at high speeds. However, ensuring your child’s safety is of utmost importance, which is why these steps must be taken before letting your child drive the car.

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