Universal Side Steps – Here’s a list of best ones

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Side steps are essential for any vehicle – especially if you own an SUV or a pick-up truck. These accessories not only offer accessibility to your vehicle but also improve its exterior look. Apart from aesthetics, side steps offer the benefit of protection against damage from chips and gravel. These benefits make side steps an invaluable asset for your car.

Fortunately, you can find several universal side steps on the market that are perfect for your car and easy on your wallet. Moreover, Turborevs offers a wide variety of side steps where you can find the right ones for your car. You can also find several guides for installing side steps on your car to make the process easier. However, this article focuses on bringing you the best universal side steps for your car.

TAC Side Steps

Picture of a TAC side step

The TAC side steps are the best budget option for your car. These inexpensive side steps are available in a number of sizes, perfect for almost any car. The stepping section is rubberised, ensuring an added grip while entering your car. The steps come with a beautiful black finish that can compliment any car, owing to the colour’s neutral nature. The steps are built with high-grade material, and they offer a 3-year warranty.

Ionic Stainless Steel Side Steps

Picture of a stainless steel side step

With a classic look, the Ionic stainless steel side steps have made a mark as one of the most aesthetically pleasing side steps out there. These side steps offer a rubberized pad that covers an extensive area, ensuring that your shoes don’t slip off. These steps are a little towards the pricey side, however, the limited lifetime warranty makes the purchase worthwhile.

Lund Oval Curved Side Steps

The unique shape of the Lund Oval Curved Side Steps is iconic.

Boasting a unique look, the Lund Oval curved side steps have a stunning oval shape with a powder-coated finish. The steps feature a corrosion-resistant body coupled with extensive non-slip rubber pads for easier stepping. These steps offer several benefits such as being pre-assembled and the kit contains all the necessary hardware that would be required for mounting the steps on the car. This product is budget-friendly and comes in several sizes, making it a great choice for your car.

Westin Black Pro Traxx Oval Step Bar

Westin Black Pro Traxx Oval Step Bar offer accessibility and style.

The Westin Black Pro Traxx Oval Step Bar is another top-notch product designed to take your car’s look to new heights. The steps come with all the essential mounting equipment, along with offering a non-slip stepping pad. The product is quite easy to install, and its round look does not interfere much with your car’s own unique look.

Bully Black Aluminium Side Steps

Bully Black Aluminium Side Steps are unique as they do not feature a whole board.

These side steps stand out from the crowd as their design is unique in nature. Instead of running along the sides of your car, the Bully Black Aluminium side steps are simply two steps that are attached underneath each door. They can make entering your car much easier, along with giving it a unique look that differs from traditional side steps.


Side steps are an invaluable asset for any vehicle, and each side step mentioned offers the best value for your car. Take your time and carefully assess your options as the perfect side steps can make your driving experience worthwhile. Get your own side steps today from Turborevs and rev up your car.

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