What are the Most Common Cars to Modify?

If you’re looking for the the most common cars to modify, we have you covered, as Turborevs features a list of some of the most common cars to modify.

Car enthusiasts have looked towards modification since the dawn of vehicles, customising their rides with upgraded parts and elevating both performance and aesthetics. Over the years, car mods have evolved to a massive extent, such that any vehicle is now modifiable with the right parts. However, some cars have it easier than others in this department, making them more common and viable for tweaking.

If you’re looking for the the most common cars to modify, we have you covered, as Turborevs features a list of some of the most common cars to modify.

What are the Most Common Cars to Modify?

Be it a generic engine with a highly-modifiable design or a car with easily available aftermarket parts, some cars truly have it easy when it comes to modification. Following are some of the most commonly modified cars out there.

Volkswagen GTI

A crowd favourite among the motorsports community – and rightly so, as this model is one of the easily modifiable vehicle out there. With a variety of aftermarket parts easily available and an already turbocharged engine, you can easily take this vehicle up a notch with a few added upgrades such as an intercooler, suspensions, and a cold air intake.

Volkswagen Beetle

Being a classic vehicle that became the face of modern cars, it comes as no surprise that this iconic model is also a commonly modified vehicle. One of the most common ways to tweak this vehicle is to turn it into a complete off-road dune buggy, becoming a high-performance drag racing vehicle.

Toyota Supra

Equipped with innovative Japanese technology, Toyota vehicles are some of the most easily and commonly modified vehicles in the market, and the Supra takes the lead in being one of the most commonly tweaked rides in the Toyota family. The recent models are not exactly that much mod-friendly, but the older models can definitely be revved up to compete with the newer ones.

Nissan Skyline GT-R

The Nissan Skyline GT-R failed to impress motorsport enthusiasts, however, car tweakers were more than excited with this vehicle’s customisability. With an immense supply of aftermarket car parts available for this model, turning it into a beast is a simple feat.

Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro soon rose to popularity in the American modification scene right after its launch, and justifiably so. The vehicle is highly customisable and comes with an impressive lineup of easily available aftermarket car parts, allowing you to increase the horsepower of this already boosted ride up by several folds.


Any car can be modified, but some vehicles come with an edge that puts them above the rest in terms of ease and accessibility of modifiable parts. If you’re looking for some of the commonly modified cars out there, simply browse through this list and find the right model for yourself. Customising your ride not only allows it to stand out but also increases its value by several folds, making it a highly worthwhile investment.

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