Why Tyre Size Matters

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Despite being often overlooked, tyres are one of the most crucial elements of any vehicle, since they are the only point of contact between the car and the ground. Tyres are capable of determining your car’s performance, along with other factors such as grip, acceleration, comfort, and even fuel economy. 

Most of these factors are determined by your car’s tyre size. So, if you’re planning on making a change in their width or size, there are several factors that you need to understand. Turborevs features an in-depth guide on why tyre size matters.

How does Tyre size affect Performance?

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The factory-installed tyres that come pre-fitted offer the most optimal performance and driving experience. However, if you wish to elevate your driving experience further, you can opt to change some of the dimensions of your car’s tyres. Following are some ways through which tyres can affect your car’s performance.


Your vehicle’s grip depends on the size of its tyres, with larger tyres offering a much higher grip. Having more grip can be beneficial in some ways, as it would allow you to accelerate faster, or carry speed through sharp corners.

However, the same grip can become a bit costly since a higher grip would also mean more power will have to be exerted to move the vehicle. This can ultimately lower your vehicle’s fuel economy as well.


If you opt for higher-profile tyres, your car will offer much higher comfort due to the sidewalls providing a better cushioning effect. However, this will also pose a certain downside. Higher-profile tyres have a much larger tyre radius, which in the case of smaller cars, can mean a drop in performance.

The performance drop is a result of more force needed to be exerted to counter the reduction in torque. This is why you should thoroughly consider your choices before opting for higher-profile tyres. 


In the motorsports community, tyres are one of the most overlooked elements of any vehicle. Tyres have the potential to affect your car’s performance and overall driving experience significantly, which is why choosing the right size is essential if you wish to restyle your car. Once you understand the effects of tyre size on performance, buying the right tyre sizes will be a breeze.

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