Are Hybrid Cars more Energy Efficient

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With Hybrid vehicles gaining traction over recent years due to endorsements from governments and environmentalists, it is important to consider how exactly these cars are more energy-efficient. Since electric vehicles are now readily available, the need for hybrid vehicles should become obsolete. Despite these factors, hybrids are still thriving.

It is common knowledge that hybrids are energy efficient, however, the depths of this efficiency compared to combustion engines and electric vehicles is still unknown to many. This article analyses how hybrid vehicles are more efficient than their counterparts.

How are Hybrid Vehicles Energy Efficient?

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Since hybrids vehicles make use of combustion engines and electric motors together, these vehicles automatically become more energy efficient than normal combustion engine vehicles. Moreover, hybrids make use of other energy efficient tools such as regenerative braking, where the energy from stopping the wheel is used to turn the electric motor like a generator, improving fuel efficiency.

Hybrids also have an automatic on-and-off system, where the car turns off on its own when it is left idle. This saves a considerable amount of fuel, improving fuel economy and becoming more efficient.

Hybrid vs Electric Vehicles

Looking at the comparison between hybrid and electric vehicles, many will automatically assume that electric vehicles are more efficient, since they run completely on electricity. However, the reality is far from this notion. Since electric batteries have low energy densities, this would mean that you will have to refuel your vehicle more often. 

Moreover, electric vehicles need more batteries to run, increasing the overall weight of the vehicle. This can impact performance factors such as handling or tyre wear. These factors give hybrid vehicles an edge when it comes to energy efficiency. Since hybrid vehicles can also work on combustion engines, they do not have to carry heavyweight electric batteries. 

Also, hybrids have the capability to automatically turn off the engine while idling, something which normal combustion engine vehicles do not have. This allows you to save fuel, making the vehicle even more energy efficient.


Considering the benefits that hybrids offer such as regenerative braking and automatic on-and-off systems, these vehicles are set to become some of the most energy efficient cars out there. Since electric vehicles are still in their initial phases, the best option for both energy efficiency and optimal performance remains hybrid vehicles.

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